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John White

John White here for this week’s NewsBeat Social newsroom update.

The notable newsroom items I’d like to share this week include wrapping up our major Rio Games coverage and launching our first #NewsBeatElection2016 reports.

I am thrilled by the team’s diligent execution covering our first-ever Summer Olympics at NBS, and I have more confidence than ever the team is prepared to proficiently deliver future extended news events.

Rio Games Wrap Up

We distributed over 75 video reports using our hashtag #NewsBeatRioGames, from diving pools turning green, to Koreans sharing a selfie — the Rio Games provided an array of stories we were proud to report in our fact-intensive format. A Rio Games report I’d like to highlight received the most unique engaged users* during our two weeks of coverage, while also encompassing the human achievement and physical awe of a true Olympic story: A determined runner diving across the finish line to win gold.

Diving Finish

*An engaged user is defined as a Facebook user who has either viewed, liked, commented, or shared Facebook post

#NewsBeatElection2016 kicks off

We kicked off our extended coverage of the United States Presidential Election with a report of the week’s latest news on each candidate. An insight into Trump kicking off his television ad campaign, and an update on the policies of the Clinton Foundation in relation to Hillary Clinton’s vie for the presidency. A majority of our election coverage will be reported by our anchor closest to the situation in Washington D.C., Caitlin Mangum. In one of the most polarizing elections in recent history, with two candidates making social media headlines regularly, I reiterate the newsroom’s focus on maintaining the NBS values of distributing just the news.

Caitlin Mangum election coverage

Fine-tuning the journalism

While we work diligently to cover the major events like the Olympics and the election, we are also improving our understanding of and engagement with our world audience.

Utilizing dynamic analytics tools and expertise from our channel team – together with viewer feedback and brainstorming on topics in our morning pitch meetings – we have enhanced our report assignment process. We literally cover any topic, if it fits our recently established flowchart of what makes a NewsBeat Social report and what doesn’t. A large part of this process relies upon the collected news judgement of our diverse and creative newsroom. This work is validated by the growth in engagement and video view numbers, and your positive feedback.

Facebook Live

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nbs on fblive afternoon

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