Don’t Miss a Beat // Palawan, Cockroach Milk, and the Rio Games

John White


John White back for this week’s NBS newsroom update. After my first update, we received encouraging feedback from fans who were appreciative of the company insight, which is why I’m even more excited to provide this week’s roundup on newsroom advances and analytics.

Remember how I said the week of July 11 was our biggest ever? That record didn’t last long. The record viewership of that week was quickly surpassed by even bigger viewership and engagement in the week of July 25!

Two of our highest-performing weeks ever, supported by a fantastic team of driven individuals, lead to the more people watching NBS in July 2016 than any month previous.

Here are two reports in particular that jumped out

The first was a feel-good report with news out of the Philippines on the “world’s-best island” as voted by readers of a top travel publication. It has hit 2.6 million video views in less than a week, and was shared more than 60,000 times!

The Philippines is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most engaging social media countries. They have a passionate demand for premium news and are one of our largest fan bases, so I am glad this report was well received. I give credit to our newsroom for sourcing this exciting story and executing the report in such an engaging manner.


The second was a report covering a research study that determined cockroach milk could have significant health benefits. I’m not making that up. The newsroom provided strong visuals to portray an otherwise unbelievable headline for this report.

It has received more than 1.5 million views so far.


An interesting observation: This influx of views and engagement amongst the top-performing reports has boosted views and engagement across our networks, with lift seen in many categories and beats.

This is all fantastic news to be able to report to you, but we aren’t stopping there.

Building the Team

We welcomed Alex Bartick as our new assignment editor Monday morning.

Alex graduated from Western Washington University in June with a degree in Visual Journalism where she worked as an editor for multiple on-campus publications. She has a passion for journalism and digital media and she is interested in seeing how the fields evolve. She’s excited to work for NewsBeat Social because she thinks NBS shares the news in a very innovative and creative way.

Enya Chiu moves up to replace departing managing video editor Simon Boas who accepted a brilliant opportunity outside of the company. We wish him the best.

Enya has been with NewsBeat Social from the very beginning and was the first video editor hired by the company. She joined the NewsBeat team after she graduated from University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication where she focused on digital media and documentary work.

Enya hails from Taiwan and has a background in documentaries, portrait photography, filmmaking, and radio and broadcast journalism in the U.S. and abroad.

Rio Games

rio games1

The summer Olympics get rolling in Rio Aug. 5 and while we have already delivered many preview reports on the Games and the politics and controversies surrounding them, we plan on providing blanket coverage as the events and side stories play out.

We’ll focus on the major results, but also look at the stories behind the stories, providing in-depth reports a minute at a time. Make sure to follow #NewsBeatRioGames for all of our coverage.

Facebook Live


We’ve assembled an eager in-house team to lead our Facebook Live efforts, as we work to lift the curtain on our operation and the team behind it.

We plan on delivering several hits per week on our top reports, plans for coverage, and other “Behind the Minute” ideas to give your better access and insight into the NewsBeat team.

We’ll be informal and interactive, but at the high production level you’ve come to expect of your NewsBeat Social video content.

Watch for our first live test on our Facebook page later this week.

Thank you for watching NewsBeat Social,

John White

Newsroom Leader


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