Don’t Miss a Beat // ‘Lisa’ Joins the Team

John White


John White, Newsroom Leader, here for a NewsBeat Social update.

August is behind us and in the books as another successful month growing the future of NBS! We saw our highest individual day of viewership, strong engagement throughout the month, relative to previous months, and a successful execution of extended Rio Games coverage.

Highlighting ‘Completion Rates’

This week, I’d like to highlight a report that stood out amongst the 1,000-plus reports we distributed this month. This report is an engaging, heart-warming story about an elderly couple that passed away within minutes of each other after decades of marriage. The strong emotional pull makes it easy to understand why it was so well-received.

In the past, I’ve discussed viewership and engagement on our reports, but this report stands out because it has one of the highest completion rates* of this month’s coverage.

Gaining viewers’ attention is hard in the crowded landscape of social media, and a high completion rate is one of the most coveted video metrics of a news agency. It attests to all aspects of the report: the story selection, the anchor’s delivery, the script, and the edit. We are always proud when our audience is completing our news videos at high rates.

Elderly couple pass away within minutes after 63 years of marriage
Elderly couple pass away within minutes after 63 years of marriage

*Completion Rate = Total number of completed views/total number of views

New Tech in the Newsroom

Along with growing news coverage in our digital newsroom, NBS is always improving the technology and tools used to produce it. This week NewsBeat Social upgraded our internal server to give the newsroom a bigger, faster, stronger network to work on when producing one-minute news reports. The server is aptly named Lisa, after the genius daughter in The Simpsons TV show. This upgrade follows several other production enhancements made over the summer as we scale the news agency into the future.

New Writer in the Philippines

NewsBeat Social has millions of viewers in Asia and specifically the ASEAN region. To expand coverage to this audience, NBS is hiring a veteran news writing contractor in the Philippines to give us a deeper connection and a steady flow of reporting from the region. This is a hiring strategy NBS plans to continue in regions throughout the world as we build the future of news.

newsbeat social is hiring in PH

Again, thank you for tuning in to my weekly updates on the NBS newsroom. As an independent news agency, it is important to NBS that we provide transparent company insight to our audience.

To help maintain our independence, we invite you to join us on our journey as we seek to become the fact-intensive global news agency of record.

Thank you for watching NewsBeat Social,
John White
Newsroom Leader

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