Don’t Miss a Beat – July 25th 2016

John White


My name’s John White and I’m the newsroom leader at NewsBeat Social. This is an exciting time in the newsroom and I’m thrilled to share a company update to those who have expressed interest in NBS, such as yourself.

First, the week of July 11 was our biggest week in viewership ever! This is awesome to see as we’ve been working hard on growing the quality of our news product. These efforts are demonstrated in some of our top viewed reports from that week:

Pitch Meetings

We’re fostering collaboration between all NBS team members more than ever before. Everyone is encouraged to participate in daily pitch meetings where NewsBeat Social’s creative minds spark fantastic strategy and news report ideas. For example, one of our long-time video editors pitched this interesting report about glowing water in China, which has been viewed over 100,000 times:

blue water

News Gathering

We’ve recently refined our internal news-gathering and production tools to create better reports, faster. These improvements showed true when we produced a report on the Nice, France terror attack just minutes after credible sources confirmed the information. This report was viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook in the first hours following the attack. View the report here:


NewsBeat #Hashtags

You may have noticed unique Facebook hashtags on reports covering developing news topics. We’ve implemented this strategy to provide access to more in-depth reporting surrounding widespread, ongoing news stories. For example, the world-wide phenomenon of ‘Pokemon Go’ has produced dozens of stories we’ve reported on. This report about players getting into accidents has the hashtag ‘#NewsBeatPokemonGo’ and has been viewed over 730,000 times:


Facebook Live

Soon our editorial strategy will deploy the implementation of Facebook Live to give our audience a more dynamic and engaging perspective of our reporting. In the near future, we see Facebook Live as a valuable tool in connecting with our audience and providing transparency to the company.


Beyond the newsroom, our executive team is currently abroad, working hard with inspired people around the world who, like you, are intrigued by the great opportunity NewsBeat Social has to make a monumental impact on the way news is reported in the digital age.

I look forward to providing you future updates as our exciting journey continues.

Thank you for watching NewsBeat Social,

John White
Newsroom Leader

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