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John White

John White here for another NBS newsroom update.

This week, I’d like to take a step outside the newsroom and highlight another crucial part of NewsBeat Social, the Channel Team. The Channel Team manages distribution of all news videos produced by the newsroom across the social graph.

To help give you insight into the Channel Team I did a short Q&A with the Channel Manager, Adam, who is one of our more tenured team members and has contributed to NewsBeat Social’s growth over the last three years.


Q: Adam, what is the most important aspect of the Channel Team’s role in our news agency?

A: The most important goal for the Channel Team is to get eyeballs on the reports the newsroom produces. The smart people in our newsroom put a lot of work into each and every one-minute news video, and their efforts would be for naught if we don’t do our job making sure those videos inform our millions of viewers worldwide.

Q: What are challenges the Channel Team faces?

A: Mainly understanding how our audience interacts in different channel environments with different types of reports. There are many factors that go into distributing a video on social media, from algorithms and timezones, to headlines and thumbnails, so it’s challenging to manage all aspects to ultimately distribute a news report truly optimized for viewership. Although, the quality of the NBS videos does make our job a little easier.

Q: Are there any tools that help the Channel Team on a daily basis?

A: One of our most important tools for distribution is an industry leading SMO platform called SocialFlow. SocialFlow is extremely helpful in scheduling and optimizing distribution on Facebook and other platforms, especially with the high volume of videos our newsroom produces (50-plus per day). Outside of SocialFlow, what helps is just genuine experience and historical data with how the over 30,000 video reports we’ve produced have performed in the social graph.

Q: How will the Channel Team change with the future of NBS?

A: Our job only becomes more important with the future of NBS. More growth in the newsroom means more videos to distribute, which means more moving parts to make sure all our videos are in order to distribute in the right places at the right time. We have plans to grow into more channels, such as expanded Facebook pages, syndication, and even a consumer-facing app. The future is bright for the Channel Team!

Adam Butler headshot
NewsBeat Social Channel Manager, Adam Butler

Thanks for catching up with this week’s NBS newsroom update. I hope to feature more of our news agency’s important team members to help give insight into how we operate as we continue to build the future of news.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we seek to become the fact-intensive global news agency of record.

Thank you for watching NewsBeat Social,
John White
Newsroom Leader

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