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John White


John White here for this week’s NBS newsroom update.

Add last week to the list of awesome weeks here at NBS this summer, as we hit another NBS viewership milestone, continue to shape our current and upcoming news coverage, and successfully executed several of our first Facebook Live videos.

Record-Breaking Viewership

It has been a pleasure having great moments to share with you since providing these updates last month. Once again, NBS has hit a viewership milestone, with our largest individual day of organic viewership on Aug. 9! After stringing together a couple of record weeks over the last month, it’s even more exciting to see the continued growth of our viewership breaking daily records. I attribute this growth to the smart people of our newsroom and distribution teams and their continued effort to produce the highest quality product. One of the contributing videos is a report about the world’s first Pokemon Master:

NYC man is first Pokemon GO Master

U.S. Presidential Election Coverage

As we approach the second half of the month, we are also in the second half of our extensive coverage of the Rio Games. Just as a reminder, you can follow all our Games coverage on Facebook under the hashtag, #NewsBeatRioGames. With the Games nearing completion, the newsroom has started looking ahead to the next major focus of coverage, the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

As you know, this year’s election features two candidates who make plenty of headlines across news media of all outlets and channels. With the world more connected and information more accessible than ever before, it is extremely important to NewsBeat Social that we report such a polarizing news topic with the utmost adherence to fact-intensive and objective news reporting. We are excited to let you know we are currently in the process of strategizing how we will report the wealth of important information produced by this election season, so please stay tuned for further updates.

Caitlin Mangum NBS
Caitlin Mangum, NBS Washington D.C. reporter, will be covering the election from the nation’s capital.

Connecting with Viewers through Facebook Live

I am very proud of the Facebook Live team for nailing – both editorially and technically – the execution of our first one-minute live videos over the past week. The team is having a blast putting together the talking points and connecting live with fans. It’s been encouraging that our audience has been positively responsive, and the excitement has translated into a high-energy newsroom. If you haven’t had a chance to catch an NBS Facebook Live video, please tune in at 1:15p and 3:45p PST. Here is a Cambrie and Christelle live video from 8/15:

nbs on fblive afternooncambrie and christelle facebook live


Thank you for tuning in to this week’s NBS newsroom update. I hope to have more exciting updates in the weeks to come as we continue to grow this special news agency. Finally, we invite you to join us on our journey in becoming the fact-intensive global news agency of record.

Thank you for watching NewsBeat Social,
John White
Newsroom Leader

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