What the Music Industry Can Teach Other Media Businesses

Fifteen years ago, the music industry went through some painful restructuring. The business had been disrupted by a website called Napster and a tidal wave of peer-to-peer sites that allowed consumers to get for free music they once paid for. Many believed the industry was finished. What they failed to see, however, was that the period was, in reality, a transition to a healthier future. Looking back, music was a vanguard for media businesses that would be disrupted by the digital revolution. But for one industry in particular — the news media — the upheaval and adaptation of the music industry serves as a uniquely instructive example.

NewsBeat Social Announces SEC Qualification for Reg A+ IPO

Portland, OR—July 18, 2016—NewsBeat Social, the video-first news agency that delivers one-minute news reports across social media, announced that its Regulation A+ initial public offering has been qualified by the United States Securities Exchange Commission, and that NewsBeat Social can now begin accepting investments in its common stock at a price of $5.00 per share. NewsBeat Social has applied to… Continue reading

NewsBeat Social Files for IPO Under Reg A+ With Plans to List on NASDAQ

NewsBeat Social is the first company with a monthly reach of 59 million people on Facebook to file for an IPO under SEC’s newly amended Regulation A. New York, NY—March 3, 2016—NewsBeat Social—the video-first news agency that gathers news from around the world and delivers premium, objective one-minute news reports across social media—announced today its filing for a Regulation A+… Continue reading

Don’t Miss A Beat // Online News Associatation Wrap Up

John White
The disruption within the news industry caused by social media and the Internet continues to grow. What used to take years to move through the news ecosystem, now seems to take only months or even weeks to realize. It has become a dynamic and accelerating evolution around the world, as news publishers on all formats work to find a solution… Continue reading

Don’t Miss a Beat // Interview with NBS Channel Manager

John White
John White here for another NBS newsroom update. This week, I’d like to take a step outside the newsroom and highlight another crucial part of NewsBeat Social, the Channel Team. The Channel Team manages distribution of all news videos produced by the newsroom across the social graph. To help give you insight into the Channel Team I did a short… Continue reading

Don’t Miss a Beat // ‘Lisa’ Joins the Team

John White
Hello, John White, Newsroom Leader, here for a NewsBeat Social update. August is behind us and in the books as another successful month growing the future of NBS! We saw our highest individual day of viewership, strong engagement throughout the month, relative to previous months, and a successful execution of extended Rio Games coverage. Highlighting ‘Completion Rates’ This week, I’d… Continue reading

Don’t Miss a Beat // Rio Wrap Up

John White
John White here for this week’s NewsBeat Social newsroom update. The notable newsroom items I’d like to share this week include wrapping up our major Rio Games coverage and launching our first #NewsBeatElection2016 reports. I am thrilled by the team’s diligent execution covering our first-ever Summer Olympics at NBS, and I have more confidence than ever the team is prepared… Continue reading

Don’t Miss a Beat // Facebook Live is a Success

John White
Hello, John White here for this week’s NBS newsroom update. Add last week to the list of awesome weeks here at NBS this summer, as we hit another NBS viewership milestone, continue to shape our current and upcoming news coverage, and successfully executed several of our first Facebook Live videos. Record-Breaking Viewership It has been a pleasure having great moments… Continue reading

Don’t Miss A Beat // Hooch, Rio and Facebook Live

John White
Hello, John White here for NewsBeat Social’s newsroom weekly update. We’re in the dog days of summer here on the west coast of the U.S., but that hasn’t slowed the ongoing news cycle or NBS. We are bustling with the kickoff of the Rio games, honing the focus of our original reporting, and finally executing our first Facebook Live broadcast!… Continue reading

Don’t Miss a Beat // Palawan, Cockroach Milk, and the Rio Games

John White
Hello, John White back for this week’s NBS newsroom update. After my first update, we received encouraging feedback from fans who were appreciative of the company insight, which is why I’m even more excited to provide this week’s roundup on newsroom advances and analytics. Remember how I said the week of July 11 was our biggest ever? That record didn’t… Continue reading

A renaissance in ad revenue, from digital news?

Geoff Campbell
The speed at which news is produced and the urgency with which it’s consumed have long made news a compelling category for advertisers. Despite the challenges facing news publishers, this remains true today. Social media’s targeting engines have harnessed the uniquely social nature of news and, for the first time, premium brands can minimize the risks of unpredictable content by… Continue reading

Don’t Miss a Beat – July 25th 2016

John White
Hello, My name’s John White and I’m the newsroom leader at NewsBeat Social. This is an exciting time in the newsroom and I’m thrilled to share a company update to those who have expressed interest in NBS, such as yourself. First, the week of July 11 was our biggest week in viewership ever! This is awesome to see as we’ve… Continue reading

Why We’re Using an IPO to Access Growth Capital

Geoff Campbell
Until recently, the idea of accessing equity growth capital without going to venture capital providers was only hypothetical. VC backing was virtually a necessity. They were the only game in town that had the large amounts of capital, important relationships, experience, and ability to assess growth plans and valuations necessary to move a company beyond its early stages. When it… Continue reading

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